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A custom color changing chameleon shell has been added to give your playstation 4 controller a different look every time you pick it up. The color changes right before your eyes.

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We included our non slip rigid side plates to the xb1 controller to improve your gaming experience and accuracy. keeps your hands from slipping during gameplay.

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Call of Duty App Is Actually Really Cool

Call of Duty App Is Actually Really Cool

I downloaded the Call of Duty companion app when it was released last week, but only the last couple of days have I actually used it. It is actually way more fun than I thought it would be and if you play a lot of Call of Duty Black Ops IIII and are interested in how you are doing, this is a great way to do that.

One thing that is worth mentioning is that this app is not just for Call of Duty Black Ops IIII. It also works with Call of Duty WWII which is really cool and great if you still play both games.

The idea of the app is that it tracks all of your stats. Activision has said that it will track every bullet you shoot so it gets really in depth with the stat tracking. You will get a report each week on how you have done and it will even give you tips on ways that you can improve which is neat.

One thing that I really like is how you can link your app with your buddies so you can track their stats too. You can actually form a squad which is you do you guys than then take part in weekly objectives which will earn you some rewards. Activision has said that there may be some actual real world rewards that will be available for those that use the app as well.

If you love playing Call of Duty Black Ops IIII (or even if you are still hooked on WWII) it is well worth your time downloading the Call of Duty companion app. It is 100 percent free and is available for both Android and iPhone.

People Are Not Happy With The Black Ops IIII Grind

People Are Not Happy With The Black Ops IIII Grind

It is fair to say that so far, Call of Duty Black Ops IIII has had a fantastic launch. I have not really heard anyone say anything negative about the game… until now.

Kotaku posted a very interesting article about the grind that is required in order to get all of the stuff from the first Contraband Steam. Of course, the Contraband Stream is the Black Ops version of the tiers that Fortnite has. Where you move up tiers and as you do you will earn new items such as character skins, face paint, emotes and so on. It is a fun way to be rewarded for just playing the game.

However, the dark side of this is that you can move up tiers by spending real world money, just like you can in Fortnite. Kotaku though has done the math and realized that it is one heck of a grind to get all of the items that the Contraband Steam has to offer. There are 200 tiers for you to move up through which is great it certainly keeps you busy. It lasts for 50 days, but it works out that it takes roughly one hour to move up just one tier. This means that you will have to play for around four hours each day in order to make it all the way up to the 200th tier. They have speculated that this grind is there to try and entice you into spending real world money.

I would think that after the nightmare the folks at EA and DICE had with their progression system last year in Battlefront II that Activision would want to avoid something like this. At the same time though is what they are doing any different than what Fortnite does?

More Zombies Tips For Black Ops 4

More Zombies Tips For Black Ops 4

I have already posted a blog with some Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies tips. But as have put a lot more time into the game, I do have some extra tips that I think will help you guys survive the hordes of undead that want to have you for lunch.

It Is Dangerous To Go Alone

I have played a lot of Zombies and in previous games, if you were good enough you could actually run off on your own and survive for quite a while. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies mode is the hardest to date and a huge part of that is the layout of the maps along with the sheer number of zombies that it throws at you. As the maps are larger, if you get into trouble and need reviving a fellow player could be a long way from you and have no chance of getting to you in time.

It is always best to stay close together if you can until all hell breaks loose and you each run in your own direction of course. But trying to stay together as much as you can will make your chances of survival much higher.

Pick Your Guns Wisely

Just the other day I posted what I felt were the best guns in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 for Zombies mode, but I really want to stress how important gun selection is. Picking the right gun and then heading to the Pack a Punch station as soon as you can is key to survival. Some guns I am sure are put in this mode just to screw with you! Any gun that has a slow reload time is basically a death sentence as you get to the harder waves.

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